Queens – Letizia of Spain and Rania of Jordan ensured they were stylishly in sync when they greeted each other ahead of carrying out royal duties in Madrid, Spain on Monday.

King Abdullah II and Queen Rania have flown to Spain for the Aqaba Process and during their stay, they will carry out engagements with the Spanish monarch and her husband King Felipe.

On Monday, the two queens were delighted to see each other on arrival as they shared a warm embrace and kisses on each cheek. They put on an incredibly friendly display and genuinely enjoyed catching up with each other.

Their choice of outfits were perfectly complementary to each other as the Queen of Jordan looked elegant in a black dress featuring pink floral detailing around her waist while the Queen of Spain exuded sophistication in her pink and blue butterfly-inspired dress.

Queen Letizia and Queen Rania were meeting ahead of making a royal visit to the National Heritage Educational Workshop in Madrid. They were seen giggling and enjoying each other’s charming company on their day out together.

No doubt the queens were happy to be reunited with one another after Queen Letizia and King Felipe were unable to attend Crown Prince Hussein and his bride Saudi architect Rajwa Alsaif’s wedding in Jordan.