Prince George was spotted tucking into a tasty-looking pizza as he enjoyed watching the second Ashes test match in London– with Rishi Sunak and Stephen Fry also there

The Prince of Wales and Prince George have enjoyed a father-son day out at the cricket.

George, aged nine, was seen tucking into a slice of pizza while his father talked with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The royal pair were spotted watching the second Ashes test match from a box at Lord’s cricket ground in London on Saturday, July 1.

Commentators on social media noted how alike the father and son appeared as they both wore blue blazers and light-colored shirts while watching England take on Australia, where Stuart Broad is playing.

Both opted for a relaxed style, with their top buttons undone.

They were seen enjoying the game together and discussing the match, with William, 41, pointing out a number of plays to his eldest son.

The pair were engrossed in the action on the field and, at some points, shared very similar facial expressions.

And when William got up from his seat to have a discussion with the Prime Minister, George was spotted eating a large slice of pizza.

The match ended in a draw, but it was clear that George enjoyed his day out at the cricket and that he is a keen fan of the sport.

William and George have been known to enjoy pizza together in the past. In 2019, William was photographed taking George to a pizza restaurant in London. The photo went viral, with many people commenting on how normal it looked to see a young prince enjoying a slice of pizza with his dad.

It is refreshing to see that Prince George is allowed to enjoy the same foods as any other child. It shows that the royal family is not as strict as some people might think. It also shows that William and Kate are raising their children to be down-to-earth and relatable.

The Princess of Wales, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis didn’t attend the match.


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