Royal insider Angela Levin claims Meghan Markle‘s “reputation for telling untruths” has subsequently caused her to lose “all credibility” in the public eye. In a new interview, Levin weighed in on whether Meghan will pen her memoir on the heels of Prince Harry’s Spare, further exposing royal family secrets and her version of events that caused her and Harry to walk away from their senior royal roles in 2020.

Royal insider Angela Levin, who authored the books Harry: Conversations With a Prince and Camilla: From Outcast to Queen Consort, believes Meghan Markle has a long-term professional plan which could include a memoir. However, she thinks the former Suits star may struggle to get her story across in a believable manner.
“She has lost all credibility,” Levin stated. “People won’t believe it because she has a reputation for telling untruths or exaggerating hugely, so it doesn’t make any sense.”
Levin says of Meghan’s reputation moving forward, “I think it will make it as bad as it is. I don’t think it will move backward.”

She told , the Duchess of Sussex could face further scrutiny regarding any further truth-telling. “They are seeing here [United Kingdom] and in America and other countries that she’s not talented. She’s no good. She tells lies.”

Levin claims that if Meghan does indeed release a book, there will likely be a push of sales from those interested in what the Duchess of Sussex has to say. However, she feels overall; it will be a “disaster.”
Angelia Levin believes there are only so many times Meghan Markle and Prince Harry can utilize the same narrative against the royal family in the media. She said the couple’s account of events is widely known. Therefore, what could be left to say?

“How many times can you hit them?” asked Levin of the couple’s verbal war of words against the royal family. “You could see at the coronation they ignored Harry. He wasn’t popular, and they just got on with it.”

“They don’t need them, and that must be very painful,” the insider continued regarding Meghan and Harry’s absence from high-profile royal events. These most recent celebrations included King Charles’s birthday celebration Trooping the Color, and the coronation, which Harry attended solo.

2 thoughts on “Meghan Markle’s ‘Reputation for Telling Untruths’ Caused Her to Lose ‘All Credibility

  1. Meghan can keep writing and telling lies. Many people will believe her, as usual, and many others who check facts history and chronology, won’t. Let’s see how many decades she will survive and make money out of it.

  2. I Certainly believe MM will fade away.She is so clueless as to how to behave with her life.Everyone is getting sick and tired of the whining.She never learned to accept things as they are.Prince Harry does not help.I am sure he is tired of her.He will be better off getting away from her and Doria.Meghan and Doria are no good.The bid for attention is getting old

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