Forget the crown jewels, all eyes are on Meghan Markle’s latest accessory: a mysterious smile as she glides into Cipriani, Beverly Hills. Is it the California sunshine? Or perhaps whispers of a royal reconciliation brewing across the pond? ️‍

Let’s dissect her “chic” winter ensemble, shall we? Because let’s be real, in sunny California, “winter” is basically an extended autumn with slightly less rosé consumption. The black turtleneck screams “effortlessly stylish,” but let’s be honest, it’s the kind of basic any stylist could throw on a client in five minutes flat. But hey, it matches the black car she probably emerged from, so points for coordination? ‍

Now, onto the rumors. Apparently, Harry’s considering a solo trip back to Blighty for some “royal duties.” Duties like what, exactly? Changing the Queen’s corgi’s diaper? Maybe he’s just homesick for afternoon tea and scones with his grandmother (who, by the way, might not be too thrilled about Meghan’s recent tell-all interviews).

While Harry contemplates his royal return, Meghan’s busy building her “philanthropic” empire. Remember that “groundbreaking” children’s book she wrote? The one illustrated by a literal prince? Apparently, it’s topping bestseller lists (though whispers suggest a hefty marketing budget might have helped).

So, what can we glean from Meghan’s latest outing? Well, one thing’s for sure: the Duchess of Sussex knows how to stay in the headlines, even if it means leaving us wondering what’s next in the royal drama. Will Harry become a solo act across the pond? Will Meghan’s “charity” work win any awards besides “Most Marketable”? Only time (and another tell-all interview) will tell.

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