Queen Camilla has a special bond with one of her step-grandchildren, who helps her to come out of her shell and relax, according to a body language expert.

Queen Camilla has five grandchildren and five step-grandchildren, so the Queen is very used to being around children. However, body language expert Judi James claims that Camilla can actually be quite uncomfortable when meeting little ones.

But one of her step-grandchildren, the confident Princess Charlotte, has helped her to come out of her shell and relax when she seems anxious, creating a special bond between them.

Judi James told Express.co.uk, “Camilla’s body language will often look awkward and wary when she is meeting small children at royal events and even her own grandchildren have been photographed playing and being tactile with Charles rather than her.”

surprisingly confident Royal Family member helping 'awkward' Queen Camilla to relax

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She added, “The relationship with Camilla and William and Kate’s children is depicted as warm and inclusive though, with Camilla recently looking chatty and relatively relaxed with George, Charlotte and Louis as they rode together in the carriage at the Trooping of the Colour.”

But it’s eight-year-old Princess Charlotte who really brings the best out in Queen Camilla. Judi explained, “There is one of her royal grandchildren that Camilla does seem to be shown bonding with in most of the public appearances and that is the rather confident and protocol-aware Charlotte.”

Referring to some recent royal events, such as the late Queen’s funeral, where many thought Camilla scolded Charlotte for certain behaviours, Judi added, “[Those] moments are probably seen out of context.

“But even if Camilla was pulling Charlotte up on her behaviour the lack of negative response from Charlotte would imply she doesn’t find the experience particularly upsetting.”

helping 'awkward' Queen Camilla

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And referring to a sweet moment at last year’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, she added of Charlotte’s playful relationship with her step-granny, “At the Jubilee celebrations there was something wonderfully spontaneous about the way Charlotte happily peered into Camilla’s handbag in the carriage, suggesting an uninhibited relationship with her grandmother.”

Judi explained how Charlotte’s confident nature brings Queen Camilla out of her shell and helps her to relax when she would otherwise seem wary.

“What we can see from their poses together is how Charlotte’s ability to break the ice but without being remotely naughty can seem to help Camilla to relax a little at public events, at times when she is showing signs of anxiety or nervousness,” she said.

“Unlike Louis, Charlotte doesn’t set out to entertain or to make her great-granny laugh but she does bring a touch of natural affection or curiosity that brings out a mirrored response from Camilla.”


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